SAKHIYA CLINIC – Introduced NEW Technique For Hair Transplantation “DHI ”

Hair transplant in surat

The Brand Sakhiya Clinic has introduced Latest and updated technique for hair transplantation in its operating city- SURAT. Clinic uses other hair implantation techniques as well.

Few of them are :

  • PRP

  • FUE

  • FUT

The Director of the clinic – “Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya” the supreme renowned and leading cosmetic surgeon with his unparalleled concepts has performed numerous hair restoration operations and came to a conjecture that though the methods like – PRP, FUE, FUT are efficacious in rejuvenating new hair and ceasing the hair fall process.

But DHI i.e Direct Hair Implantation has unprecedented outcomes as collate with several above mentioned techniques. DHI methods has outmatching procedure that inhabits latest technology for restoring the hair along with fighting off with abrupt and unusual hair fall problems.

Dr. Sakhiya exclaimed about DHI – as the name itself suggests that this concept uses hair follicles from the donor site of head scalp and insinuates them on that portion which is facing hair line recession.

DHI has proved itself as pioneering option these days for getting natural and permanent hair results. This process of hair transplantation doesn’t includes any stitches or not even shaving of head prior to the process.

The DHI process can be described in basically 3 phases ;

1. Extraction Phase : Firstly the patient or individual donor area is checked for the extraction of hair follicles. Then the hair follicles that need be be instilled are extricated one by one from the donor area using a disposable tool.

Then the hair follicles are kept in a temperature so as to enrich its after placement growth.

2. Placement Phase : After the extraction process the follicles are infused on the portion facing hair loss. This placement is done using a tool called- DHI Implanter without prior inception of the holes.

3. RESULT PHASE: The outcome of DHI technique is such that the angle or direction of new hair implanted exhibits natural hair growth results. Also with the permanent long time effects.

The DHI techniques includes maximum safety procedure without any scars or pain leaving behind.

Sakhiya clinic’s surgeon – Dr. Jagdish commented that DHI is a revolutionary and pioneer step for all those people who are facing humiliation due to the baldness or hair loss. Hence DHI being the present dated and internationally recognized technique which eliminates all the hair fall troubles regardless of the root cause of the problem.

Hence, New era of technology consisting faultless and ultra advanced procedure of DHI hair restoration concept now gets introduced in Sakhiya Clinic, Surat itself for all the Gujarat section.

Hair Transplant in Surat helps in ceasing the receding hair line and offers skills that yields to the natural looking hair results.